We're Unique

Water Table
The Joy of Play

Hilltop Preschool is a special place. You feel it when you walk through the door. The warm, stimulating environment; the children bustling about talking, playing, and exploring; the teachers' gentle and patient guidance. And you feel the joy - the joy that ultimately comes when a children's environment matches their intrinsic need for play, exploration, love and acceptance.

Hilltop offers an enriching environment that celebrates children's natural sense of wonder and curiosity, and nurtures them in a loving, supportive and patient atmosphere.

A Child's World

At Hilltop, children are encouraged to explore ideas and activities they love, to treat everyone with empathy and respect, to appreciate nature, to understand personal responsibility, and to enjoy the sheer thrills of getting wet, face painting, watching a planted seed sprout and grow into something yummy, and giggling just because it feels good. Indeed, we believe the philosophy children practice at Hilltop can help establish lifelong guiding principles that will help them navigate, find and enjoy their place in the world.

Caring & Committed Parents

To watch the school's talented and dedicated teachers interact with and guide children is to witness something magical. Hilltop children are in the hands of six highly experienced, dedicated and, above all, loving individuals.

Finally, Hilltop's parents, whether working together in the classroom, building a friendship at a gathering or field trip, or talking about parenting while picking up sand toys before the "goodbye song," are special kindred spirits. When you join Hilltop, you become part of a hard-working community that is committed to providing the best preschool experience for our children, committed to "Learning With Love."