Committed to Green

At Hilltop, our committment to children extends to an awareness and nurturing of the world they (and we) inhabit. By working to manage our impact on the environment and striving to maintain a green operation, we help protect the Earth's resources while at the same time help our children learn and understand about the natural world around us and our roles as stewards of that world.

Since children learn Earth habits from a young age, we focus on vizible ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We also explore sustainability topics in our curriculum. From saving bottles for reuse in art projects to trips to the recycling center to reusing old items for a different purpose we put words into action for our students.

Some examples of recent Green initiatives and curriculum include:

  • We compost all our green waste
  • We compost our food scraps through the use of worm composting
  • Giving each child personal towels to use in hand washing in order to save on paper towel waste
  • Creating a "Green Parent" job responsibility
  • Partnering with Tanaka Farms CSA to offer locally sourced vegetables
  • Making a quilt from old clothes to auction off as a fundraiser
  • Building a fort with recyclables