Our Garden

In the Garden 2
Preparing the Soil

When Hilltop moved to its new location in May 2007, one of the things that parents, teachers and children missed most about the old site was its beautiful garden. So the Hilltop community lost no time in building a brand new garden at the new site. Thanks to two generous donations from Hilltop families, the new garden project was launched in January and completed in April 2008.

In the Garden 1
Sampling their labor
...fresh tomatoes!

A garden provides rich curriculum for the preschool setting. It provides the ideal platform for experiential learning about insects, fruits, vegetables, trees, flowers, herbs seeds, life cycles, seasons, weather, water conservation, teamwork and solitude.

At Hilltop, the children participate in all aspects of the garden. They help prepare the soil, plant the seeds, weed, water, pick and harvest. Indeed, the children are often more willing to try new vegetables that they have planted and cared for themselves!

In the Garden 3
Searching for Bugs

In the garden, the children observe first hand an ecosystem and discuss the roles of bees, ladybugs, beetles, and other insects. They experience teamwork as they work together throughout the planting cycle. And they learn to connect with and respect the natural world and everything it provides.

The new Hilltop garden has become a beloved part of the Hilltop play yard. We invite you to visit us and take a stroll through our garden to experience all it has to offer you and your children.